GDocsDrive 1.2: A client for Google Docs which enables folder drag and drop uploading.

GDocsDrive 1.2

GDocsDrive is a powerful desktop client tool for Google Docs. It greatly improves the uploading/downloading capability of Google Docs by enabling folder drag and drop. With GDocsDrive, Google Docs becomes an affordable solution for online storage by conveniently allowing you to upload your folders (including subfolders) with a single click of the mouse. Nearly all the functionality of Google Docs is seamlessly available through this one tool.

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Office In Cloud for Google Docs Microsoft Office Excel Word integration with Google Docs (office cloud)

Office In Cloud for Google Docs

Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003 integration with office cloud app - Google Docs: Save/Open/Merge MS Office 2003/2007 documents locally and in Cloud. Share documents with others from MS Office environment. Collaborate on the same document in real-life. Send/receive notifications about changes done. Browse documents content in Cloud from MS Office environment. office cloud

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gExploreFTP gExploreFTP provides access to Google Docs through any FTP client.


Google Docs files through any FTP client software. Just install and run gExploreFTP on your computer (or a network computer) and connect to it using your Google Docs login. It`s that easy. With gExploreFTP you can upload and download files in your Google Docs account through your FTP client. Now you can use Google Docs for backup applications, easy uploading and downloading, scripting, and more. All communication between gExploreFTP and Google Docs

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CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage CloudBerry Explorer Freeware is a Windows Client for Google Storage

CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage

Client for Google Storage. By providing a user interface to Google Storage accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. Main features: Register and connect to any number of Google Storage accounts Copy files between your Google Storage accounts Copy files between two Google Storage accounts Share buckets and files located on Google Storage with other users Set up file access

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Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution 2.1: Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution To Save Google Apps Data To Local Drive

Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution 2.1

Google Apps data from cloud to a local machine? Get facility to create backup Google Apps data by using Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution. This application is an easy platform to export Google Apps email, calendar, contacts & email data from cloud to a local machine. And also, you can create backup of Google Apps emails in PST, EML, and MBOX file format without any chance for data loss. Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution has updated few

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Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2.1: Free desktop app for working with your Wheel Of Life without using a web browser

Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2.1

desktop client for the web-based Wolapp Cloud application, specially developed for Mac OS X. Wolapp Cloud - Wheel Of Life Cloud is a web-based application for self-development and personal growth. Wolapp Cloud Client allows using the application without a web browser. The client fully replicates all the major functions of the original application: assessing areas of your life (Business, Finances, Health, Relationships, Personal Growth, etc.), renaming

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Ericom AccessNow 2.0: Ericom pure HTML5 RDP client runs in Web browser-no installation on the client

Ericom AccessNow 2.0

form any smartphone,tablet,PC or Mac into a secure, enhanced RDP client. Empower users w/mobility & flexibility to access Win desktops & apps hosted on Win Terminal Services/RDS/VDI/physical workstations, from Win PCs,Mac,Linux,iPad/iPhone,Android,Google Chromebook & RIM BlackBerry - even locked down workstations! Ericom AccessNow is the first pure HTML5 RDP client for accessing hosted Win apps and desktops. It runs entirely inside the browser using

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DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client 2.50: The DigiWaiter POS Suite - Desktop Client module a POS / Inventory solution.

DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client 2.50

Desktop Client Module. A POS / Inventory solution. Introduces POS to the people, there`s no need for expensive hardware 2 pc`s will do. Take the order on your computer and send it to the kitchen. Chat with the kitchen or bar if you want to know if the dessert for table 4 is ready. Pick the orders / drinks you receive from the other clients and print a professional invoice before you can say Jack Robinson .(A Desktop client needs one DigiWaiter POS

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Free Monitor for Google 100% FREE keyword monitoring tool for Google, multiple search phrases supported.

Free Monitor for Google

for your website, but don`t have any money for search engine placement tools? No problem. With Free Monitor for Google 2.0 you can do it yourself. Google is world`s leading search engine, generating 70-80% of free search engine traffic to an average website. Good position in Google means a constant flow of visitor to your website. A lot of time and effort goes into good positioning with Google. Free Monitor for Google 2.0 makes this much easier by

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Backup For Google Apps 2.1: Simply Download Google Apps Data Through Backup For Google Apps Software

Backup For Google Apps 2.1

Google Apps data (email, contacts, calendar & document) to a local storage drive by using backup for Google Apps software like Google Apps backup tool. Through this application, save email in PST, EML or MBOX format, save contacts in VCF file format, extract calendar in ICS format & save Google Apps documents in original file format. Get free version of Google Apps backup tool (backup for Google Apps software) that backup of 25 items per folder only

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